October is a time of transition. We all feel it. The nights are getting cooler and the days are getting shorter. We’re back in the full swing of school. Even the air smells different with the changing of the leaves.

For many people, the onset of fall triggers a slew of feelings about the upcoming winter. Instead of enjoying this transition time for what it is, there’s a sense of anticipation for frigid temperatures, short days, and all the baggage of upcoming holidays. We have a tendency to replay the past, remembering previous winters when we hated feeling cold and stuck indoors. And, we have a tendency to forecast our future angst, leaving the present moment unacknowledged.

In the midst of this transition time, give space for reflection and gratitude. We’re closing the chapter of summer and are entering a special time worthy of our attention. It’s a practice to notice our inner and outer world, as well as our tendency to live in the past or future. Just by noticing what your pattern is, you are much more likely to make an informed change (if you choose to do so).

As you process your inner and outer realms, remember that art is your ally. It creates a snapshot of how you’re feeling in the moment and serves as a mirror that validates your experience. If and when you have experiences of discomfort as we transition from summer, let art be the container to hold those feelings so you can move on.

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