About Me


Becoming an art therapist set me on a course for the most profound healing I could ever have imagined. I thought I was becoming an art therapist so I could help other people but I learned very quickly that the gifts I have to offer come from the experience of having been there myself.

As a less verbally-inclined, highly sensitive introvert, making art operates on a level that is comfortable, accessible, and meaningful to me. Making art opened doors inside myself I didn’t know were there. I had access to internal pain, old stories, and incompatibilities in my life. And once I could see it – both within myself and on the page – I knew I could feel something different.

I am proud to tell my clients that I don’t ask them to do anything I haven’t done myself. I have done the hard work of examining my internal world and still continue to do so (because that work doesn’t ever end). When you sit with me and make art in front of me, you know that I’ve been there in one way or another. It’s why I can suggest watercolors versus pencils, or using the metaphor of a bridge instead of just drawing what happened. I know what it feels like to make art so when I listen to you with my whole body I can feel what might resonate, validate, or discharge what needs letting go.

In my arms, crawling, and walking. Every celebration is a loss as well.

These days, I’m reflecting on what it means to be a mother and the magnitude of changes that have come with it. I’ve heard that everything lies in the realm of grief and loss and believe that to be true. Every joyful milestone includes a sense of loss as well and I am learning to hold space for both to live side-by-side.

As you take steps in bringing more freedom in your life, I am honored to be a part of your journey as your guide, witness, and companion.

Education and Licensure Info:
I graduated from The George Washington University with a Master of Arts in Art Therapy in 2013. I am licensed as a licensed professional counselor associate (license number A10951) and provisionally credentialed registered art therapist (license number 17-256) and am working toward full licensure for both. My supervisor for both is Nicole Speropolous, MA, LPC, LPAT, ATR, NBCCH. Phone: (828)545-0699, Email: nicole@ashevillearttherapy.com  In 2017, I became PSI (Postpartum Support International) certified in treating women experiencing perinatal and postpartum mood and anxiety disorders. 

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