In addition to supporting the emotional and mental health of moms, moms-to-be, helpers, and healers, we need support from other angles as well. Our problems don’t live in a vacuum. Please support yourself from all angles, building yourself a solid team from whom you trust. Here are some members or resources in the Asheville community I personally know, trust, and recommend.

Local Support Groups for Moms

The Mothership:
Co-owned by local doulas Carrie Hike and Rachel Ansari, the Mothership has a wealth of resources for soon-to-be moms and new moms in particular. Their services include: birth doula, sleep consulting, overnight baby care, and breastfeeding/bottle feeding support. Their FREE New Mama support group runs on Tuesdays from 11am-12pm and is an incredibly supportive space to talk about anything you’re experiencing.

Homegrown Babies:
Another Asheville staple for all things pregnancy and postpartum. Homegrown babies offers birth doula support, pre-natal and postpartum yoga classes, childbirth education classes, and several FREE support groups including Moving Mamas (a walking group), and perinatal loss.

Postpartum Doulas:

Nurtured Mamas:
Molly Rouse is a postpartum doula offering Support: cleaning, cooking, doing laundry, caring for your baby and other children, Inspiration: empowering exploration of identity, authenticity, and creativity, Guidance: providing information, options, and resources Nourishment: feeding your body, mind, and spirit.

Birth Bees Doula Collective
The women of Birth Bees offers an array of services including postpartum doula support. Check out their website for their latest offerings.

Sleep Consulting:

Kim Rogers – Sleeping Well Consulting
Kim believes in helping parents develop a clear plan for solving your baby’s sleep issues, and is trained in the Sleep Sense Program. She offers tailored plans based on your parenting style, and the temperament and age of your baby. She wants parents to know that sleep does not have to be a battle and you do not have to feel exhausted. Reach out to Kim for a free phone consultation to see if working with Kim is a good fit.

Dr. Meggan Hartman
Classes and sleep packages to help you and your baby transition to healthy sleeping.

Online resources:

Postpartum Support International Online Support Groups Our online groups will help you connect with other parents, talk about your experience, and learn about helpful tools and resources. Whether you are going through stress, adjustment to parenting, Baby Blues, or pregnancy or postpartum depression/anxiety, our groups are here for you. Led by trained PSI facilitators. Learn more and register for any of our groups HERE.

Pregnancy and Addiction
Information and treatment options for mothers who are struggling with addiction.

Motherisk provides evidence-based information and guidance about the safety or risk to the developing fetus or infant, of maternal exposure to drugs, chemicals, diseases, radiation and environmental agents. This is a link to information about medication taken during pregnancy and while breastfeeding and how it may impact the baby.

Additional Resources for Moms:

Postpartum Support International Warmline:
The PSI Warmline is a toll-free telephone number anyone can call to get basic information, support, and resources. English or Spanish Warmline 1-800-944-4773 (4PPD)

Alternative Medicine:

Waterleaf Naturopathic Medicine:
Dr. Emily Colwell and Dr. Leslie Meyers specialize in Gastrointestinal issues, Women’s health, Pediatrics, Fertility, Fatigue, Anxiety, and Depression.